Thursday, September 14, 2006

The journey ends, and begins...

Twenty-five years ago a history class in Guelph, Ontario started a project. Led by an energetic young teacher, Joe Tersigni, the students created individual packages to be sealed in a time capsule commemorating the 125th anniversary of Bishop Macdonell High School. The twist - the time capsule was to be opened in twenty-five years by future Bishop Macdonell students.

Where did the time go?

I was one of those students and the time has arrived to open the capsule. On the 28th of September I will be re-uniting with an old classmate and Mr. Tersigni to participate in the unveiling. We will also have an opportunity to speak with the students of today.

Each student will receive a package from the time capsule and will attempt to contact the owner. They will have two months to research their assigned student, attempt to contact them and prepare a report. In December there will be a celebration with the students past and present to see the final results.

I decided to start this blog to chronicle the project. Hopefully the blog can serve as a central communication point for the various people involved and track the progress. I would like to invite the students to join as contributors to the blog and document their experience.

I've thought of this project off and on over the years, but now that the time is here it is exciting. High school reunions are standard fare, while this affords all of us an opportunity to connect with our past and take part in the future.

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vicki said...

This is so interesting...I'm looking forward to pictures and discussion of your time capsule. What was 'big' in '83?